Current Issue
December, 2023

  • Vol. 3 No. 01
  • Examination of non-destructive technologies for banana firmness prediction during storage

    Byeong-Hyo Cho, Kyoung-Chul Kim, Youngki Hong

    In this study, we aimed to examine the non-destructive measurement technologies for banana firmness, and two methods, such as digital image-based technology and compressed ......

  • Development of a Biopolymer-based 3D Printing Packaging Material for Agricultural Products

    Ik-song Byun, Youngjun Choi, Juo Lee, Sungmin Lee, Hoon Seonwoo

    The global use of plastic continues to grow because of plastic packaging, becoming the largest contributor to environmental pollution. To solve this issue, we developed a three dimensional ......

  • Study for analysis of distribution quality factor on green pepper selection

    Hyun Dong Lee, Woo Il Kim, Hoe Man Park, Ye Seul Lee

    This study was conducted to investigate quality grading factor and consumer acceptance factor of green pepper for the marketing distribution. On the optical color difference, Hunter ......

  • Evaluation of Rotational Device During Transport for Full Surface Inspection of Pear Fruit

    Suk-Ju Hong, Ahyeong Lee, Jinse Kim

    The aim of this study was to examine the influence of fruit rotation devices during line transportation on the quality of whole surface inspection of fruits. Compared to other fruits ......

  • Analysis of Research Trends in Cattle Smart Livestock Utilizing ICT Technologies

    Min-Jee Kim, Soon-Jung Hong, Hyeon Tae Kim, Byoung-Kwan Cho, Dae Hyun Lee, Chang-Seop Shin, Kyoung Je Jang, Yong-Hyeon Kim, Sung-Bo Shim, Hong-Gu Lee, Changyeun Mo

    This study introduces the transformative impact of advancements in information technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet, the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud ......

  • A study on the impact of the tomatoes tensile strength prediction models according to the ROI selection methods in hyperspectral imaging

    Seongmin Lee, Byeong-Hyo Cho

    This study aimed to investigate the potential of hyperspectral imaging for non-destructively prediction of tensile strength of the tomato fruits, and the impact on the prediction models ......

  • Technological trends in agricultural engineering

    Soo-Hyun Cho, Dae-Hyun Lee, Sun-Ok Chung

    Agriculture is suffering from labour shortages and a projected shortfall in the amount of food available for the world's population in 2050. These issues have pushed agricultural ......